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Motorised Valves Manufacturer & Supplier

Motorised Valves Manufacturer

Innovation, Quality, and Consultancy: A partnership for motorizing HVAC actuators

PT Equipment specializes in Motorised Valves that are made from premium quality materials that provide durability and strength. Motorised Valves are widely used in automation projects. Motorised Valves offered by us are widely used for remote and hazardous working conditions where manual operation is difficult.

Standard actuators and spring-return actuators for air control dampers in HVAC systems

Safety actuators for motorizing fire and smoke extraction dampers

VAV systems for individual room air control

Mixing actuators and Motorised Valves for HVAC water circuits

Globe valves and intelligent linear actuators– also for leading makes of valve

Motorised Valves Manufacturer & Supplier in Nashik, India

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